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100 reasons to look at Compass (too)….

From challenge to solution. That’s what every vendor says, but we give you 100 reasons why Compass Relationship Management is at least worth looking at as an addition to your existing application landscape.

In hindsight everyone is right but in practice customers are not always satisfied with the final IT solution. Did you make a mistake when selecting or writing out your requirements? Sometimes you did but often you didn’t. Surely you were looking for that very specific solution to give your company a head start in the digital transformation? Your processes are so specific that only customization offers the right solution? Your budget is limited so you go for the “free” or cheap solution?

In practice, we often see the same themes recurring in the customer/supplier relationship.
– The customer does not trust the supplier to standardize the processes: “Because then we are no longer unique”. And if adjustments have to be made later, it costs a fortune.
– The supplier knows better than the customer due to lack of process knowledge on the part of the customer and sells an inappropriate solution.
– The customer trusts that he can continue to grow seamlessly if he first chooses the cheaper variant of the solution.

What do we think can be done differently:
✓ Trust your vendor’s 80/20 rule. Stick to the standard and look for your unique features in the 20% on the outside of the landscape. And suppliers: never try to fill in the 20% yourself if it doesn’t fit. Better a satisfied customer than years of fighting over being right.
✓ A lack of process knowledge, or time to explain it in detail to the supplier, is a given with many customers. Choose a solution that can really grow with you. And work with blocks of three months for each next step in the growth.
✓A cheap version may seem like a good solution temporarily, but make watertight agreements about the expected growth.
✓ Could we help you? Very likely. But then we come back to the 100 reasons to choose us. Needless to say, we won’t go into all 100 in this blog, but the most important ones:
✓ We will never take on an assignment if we are not sure of the satisfied customer; we measure this by the length of our contacts and contracts.
✓ We look for the right place for our solution in the architecture. This can be on the outside or centrally in the architecture.
✓ Our flexible database and workflow allow for very diverse applications. Try us! Growth in process and functionality goes seamlessly along with your own growth. Our implementation methodology “True North” takes into account the growing insight of your needs.

Are you interested in all 100? Book a strategy session and you’ll get the full list! Or if that fits your needs better: the most relevant ones based on and translated to your situation.

Written by Raymond Pieterse

1 July 2022