Compass Relationship Management: Your Enterprise Information Platform

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The Netherlands


About us

Compass Relationship Management is a development based on the original Matrix Software, one of the founders of modern CRM systems. The combination of this experience with the flexible database and our own years of experience in all aspects of IT, makes our software unique.

We combine broad experience and new insights and have made the product widely applicable for (inter)national customers in various markets, with a focus on the integration of data and the realization of end-to-end processes.

This makes Compass not a standard software company. We offer a total solution that is always based on broad knowledge, and that matches your current and future IT architecture. Compass Relationship Management stands for quality and flexibility.

What makes us unique

The combination of the factors below makes Compass widely applicable in every situation.


Our software is based on a flexible data model and grows along with your company.


We combine broad experience and new insights from our (inter)national customers in various markets.


We can completely support you, but you remain in control.

Take your organization to the next level

Do you have ideas about growing your business? Then let us think along about the realization by optimizing your information processing.

Quick results

Our approach grows along with you. From small to large steps. Depending on your own wishes and possibilities.

Quality. Always.

Speed never comes at the expense of quality. Added value for our and your customers always comes first.

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Compass for your organization.