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Frequently Asked Questions

Below is a summary of the frequently asked general questions. This list is regularly updated and subscribers to our newsletter will receive it automatically.

I already use Salesforce. Does Compass still add value?

Compass is not a competitor of Salesforce, but can provide information as an add-on that helps you during your marketing or sales process. And that at a very low cost.

We are stuck in our "Big Bang" ERP rollout. How can you help?

A large standard implementation conversion project requires a very thorough approach towards the new environment. And the final migration is complex and never timely. We have developed a method that enables phased migration and, in many cases, also phased commissioning of the new environment.

We work a lot with freelancers, but we don't get them right in our current system.

A common problem with existing software. This is suitable for companies with employees or for freelancers. We combine this information in our model so that this data can be dynamically combined. An example is if you deploy a freelancer on a customer's project.

Does your system work in the Cloud or On Prem?

Both options are possible and we have a lot of experience with both situations. Modern architectures often require Cloud based applications, but some of our customers like to keep the application completely under their own management in their local data center.

What exactly do you mean by integrating the B2B model with the B2C model?

Current systems often make a choice in terms of model depending on the market in which they operate. For us, the seamless connection and combination of relations, contacts and natural persons is the standard.

I am a freelancer and most software is too expensive or does not offer the right options.

Our flexible model offers a numeber of options without customization to fulfill specific small-scale wishes. And for this target group we have a special offer that matches your financial scope.

Support with M&A processes?

Are you looking for a quick solution for the storage and processing of data from an acquisition? And migration of that data into your source system at a time that suits you best? Then our flexible database with workflow functionality can quickly be used as temporary storage.

Multi language?

Naturally. We also focus on companies with foreign branches. Our application can be fully tailored to your specific tasks and naming.

Extend the life cycle of current systems?

Yes, of course. Customers are often satisfied with 95% of their applications, but one crucial functionality is missing to support the necessary connection to the business process. Then take a look at our applications to realize this in or directly next to your current environment.