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For who will Compass be a perfect fit and what does it do

Recently, we have been focusing on the benefits and approach of Compass, but we notice that we get a lot of questions about its targeted application. It is more about the functional use, rather than the technical perspective. This post is the kick-off to a number of concrete solutions as they are already being used by customers.

To start with, Compass is an application in which you, as a user, can find all the data you need to do your job. That is an important general principle. So if you, as a user, cannot enter or find all the data you need to do your job, please read on! It does not matter in what business area you are working. Compass is widely applicable.

Actually, for us there are three types of customers:

1) Start-ups that are experiencing growth and are about to purchase one or more new applications, but are not yet able to make the investment for a completely new application landscape. Compass helps you to facilitate this growth in the right steps.

2) Clients who already have a complete environment, but who are not satisfied with the functioning of their applications. This may arise due to the introduction of other work processes or a change in the information needs. In these cases, Compass is used to close the “gaps”.

3) Clients who, due to a split or merger of business activities, no longer have an unambiguous application landscape. Compass can support in these cases the separation of the right information or the bringing together of this information.

Do you recognize yourself in the above? Then please contact us for a cup of coffee.

Written by Gijs Pieterse

29 July 2022