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Compass Projects

Do you work on a project basis, but do you not yet have the right tool to support this? Then take a look at our projects module. Based on our practical experience, schedules, milestones and resources come together here. This creates an integrated solution for projects and personal calendars, providing a central overview of the progress of your projects.


Below are a few examples, but we are also happy to take you personally into the details.

All your project information in one place.

All project activities transparent.

Scrum board included.

Determine your additional information needs yourself.

All parties involved in a project in one overview.

The right prioritization and allocation of resources based on insight.

Take your organization to the next level

Do you have ideas about growing your business? Then let us think along about the realization by optimizing your information processing.

Quick results

Our approach grows along with you. From small to large steps. Depending on your own wishes and possibilities.

Quality. Always.

Speed never comes at the expense of quality. Added value for our and your customers always comes first.

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