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Together with Compass on the road to real results!

The starting point of a project or implementation is to achieve the predetermined goal, and then preferably against a previously agreed budget and time schedule. But the problem often starts with describing the real goal: how often are you really able to describe that in advance?

From the supplier’s point of view, the customer is expected to have his goals sharply in mind and obviously in detail on paper, but how realistic is that in your own business where the priority is on the operational process?

So the helm had to be changed and we went Agile. A beautiful word that is often used to indicate how flexible we are. The software has to keep up, but it is often stuck in the standard models and is not designed for constant adaptation.

All in all, as a customer, you are caught between the devil and the deep blue sea with little control.

From the very beginning, we have made our own interpretation of this: our flexible database enables us to move with the client’s additional requirements during the entire Compass lifecycle. Our implementation methodology “True North” responds to this and always gives you as a client the space to take steps back in your project without this being at the expense of the intermediate results achieved.

Our experience in implementing software solutions in combination with our Compass solution makes it possible to work in a truly “Agile” way. This means that we do not exhaustively work out an optimal model, but build the solution from the right direction and adjust it on the basis of progressive insight. In this way, we build together with you at the right pace towards the ultimate goal. The big advantage: in the short term, you can already make use of the first quick wins for your organisation.

Written by Chris Pieterse

21 July 2022