Compass Relationship Management: Your Enterprise Information Platform

Luchthavenweg 81,
5657 EA Eindhoven,
The Netherlands

What makes Compass really special?

It is the way in which we have worked with clients in recent years to provide them with what they need.  This blog is therefore mainly about the cooperation with our clients.  

 The software itself has been around for a long time, has always moved with the times, but this year it also made a new start under a new company name: Compass Relationship Management (“Compass RM”). Together, we have more than 30 years of experience and we now combine our strengths in the product development, implementation and sales of this fine product and we continue to innovate on all fronts. 

 Within our customer base we have a number of very loyal customers and, based on their growing needs, the product has been continuously developed in recent years from the original CRM functionality to what it is today: a fantastic Enterprise Information Platform that meets your total information needs.

 That is why we consider cooperation with our customers to be so important. Via our “Compass Innovation Campus” we regularly talk to our customers about market developments and their and our vision on that. We don’t focus on the specific development of software for one specific customer demand, but rather on the realisation of generic solutions.  We also regularly consult former colleagues about their ideas. One of them recently paid us a very nice compliment when we showed him the flexible addition of extra functionality to the existing model: “We should have had that earlier, then we would have been the largest in the Netherlands”. 

 We regularly get the same question from potential customers: “My applications don’t actually do what we expected. What can we do about it?”.

 Actually, this already starts at the basis. As a customer, you have a dream when you buy an application. This can vary from “more sales”, “less stock”, “better planning” to “better insight into your financial position”. Often, you then start looking for a specific application that meets all your requirements at that moment. But how can you be sure? After all, you are not a computer specialist.

 At Compass, we always hit the reset button first, and go back to the beginning. What was your dream again? How far away are you and what do you need to get there? And a more than relevant question here: how do we seamlessly connect this adjustment to the entire application landscape? This question is not always asked by suppliers.  

 Our starting point is that in modern environments, at least 80% must offer standard functionality, and the other 20% must be truly unique to the customer. Is this possible within the standard landscape? Sometimes it is, but more often it is not. 

 Would everyone be able to use a “Compass” for that reason? We think so! Especially to give shape to the last 20% but often also to better fill in part of the other 80%. 

We never make the mistake of building very complex financial or ERP environments. We leave this to the specialists like SAP, Microsoft and SalesForce.  We believe in the power of these systems. We then focus on the connecting factor within the landscape. 

Our implementation methodology is called True North. Where Compass is the tool to determine direction and stay on course, we will deploy True North to reach the ultimate goal: access to all relevant information to achieve your business objectives. You can read more about this in our next blog! 

Written by Raymond Pieterse

10 June 2022